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Self Clean- Seating Design


Superior comfort and design exceed expectations, ergonomic design on all seats and lounge seats for a full body comfort and support.  Comfortable and soft pillows support the head and neck, while our wide, lumbar support seats cradle our your body.  Hydrotherapty systems like our Versa Massage add a unique massage to every inch of your body.  A wide variety of deep bucket seats, comfortable benches, higher cool down seats, body formed loungers, extra large footwells to allow you to stretch out, relax and enjoy. 

Self Clean - Shell Construction

Every Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tub mould is hand crafted by experienced designers and is carefully thought out to provide the ultimate in comfort, safety and versatility. Only the Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tub includes the exclusive level ledge and spill lip for the ultimate in performance and convenience. No matter your lifestyle, Hydropool has a Self-Cleaning Hot Tub for you, ourwide selection of models are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, and include an impressive list of standard features to further enhance your hot tub experienc., Hydropool offers an equally impressive list of options and upgrades.

Self Clean - High Flow Triple Fastened Plumbing

Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs are hydraulically balanced to deliver maximum water flow at the jet while delivering a smooth, quiet and energy efficient experience. Plumbing joints are cemented onto barbed fittings and then further secured with a hydraulically installed galvanized steel clamp.

Self Clean - Recessed Jetting

Each Self-Cleaning Hot Tub seat is equipped with Hydropool’s unique “Versa Massage”system that combines the benefits of all the best jet sizes, types and designs available ensuring you receive the customized massage that is just right for you. The jets are recessed to allow maximum flow, movement or rotation, allowing the jets to function unicumbered to provide everything from a gentle, wide-body massage if desired for general relaxation to a penetrating stress relieving high velocity flow needed for relieving and invigorating tired aching muscles.

Self Clean - Ice Bucket

All Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs include a built in ice bucket to keep your favourite drinks cool and convenient. Melted ice is automatically drained from the ice bucket by means of a jet in the hot tub eliminating any need to worry about water build up.

Self Clean - Removeable Cabinet Doors

Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs are exclusively available with our Cedar or Maintanance-Free Everlast Cabinetry this high quality cabinetry is installed onto a truss supported solid frame for the ultimate in strength and durability. In the unlikely event that you require access to the hot tub plumbing or equipment all four cabinetry panels are removable for easy service access. Choose from Clean Cedar, Natural, Driftwood or Espresso Everlast.

Self Clean - Self Cleaning Eco Smart Technology

The Self Cleaning Hot Tub filters 100% of the hot tub every 15 minutes which means that it only has to be on for 6 - 8 hours a day to filter the same amount of water that a tub that runs for 24 hours. Combine the self cleaning technology with our double thermal shield insulation system and it gives the Hydropool Self Cleaning Hot Tub the lowest carbon footprint in the industry!


"The world’s easiest hot tub to maintain is… the Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tub. The technologically advanced self-cleaning system, simultaneously removes surface debris and cleans the bottom of the hot tub with it’s built-in floor vacuum. this is why self-cleaning matters... Worrying about water care is a constant issue when maintaining a traditional hot tub, but with the Hydropool Self-Cleaning System, we take your worries away. The Self-Cleaning System cleanses 100% of the water every 15 minutes. That’s an incredible 8 times in 2 hours! Only a Hydropool has this wonderful technology in place with its consumers in mind. The Self-Cleaning System takes the worry and work away, with a hands free system to safeguard you and your family.


1)  Skimmer:  Water from the surface of the hot tub is drawn into the high flow skimmer by the hot tub pump. This action skims the surface free of any floating debris and oils.

2)  Pre-filter: The pre-filter traps large particles and removes them prior to entering the hot tub pump and heating system.

3)  Floor vacuum: Dirt sinks to the bottom of the hot tub and is drawn into strategically placed vacuum holes by means of the hot tub pump.

4)  Mazzei injected ozone: When mixed with water, ozone is a highly effective oxidizer that assists in removing unwanted contaminates from the hot tub water.

5)  Pressurized micro filtration: Almost all of the water drawn by the pump is forced through a 10 micron cartridge filter under pressure. The micro filter removes particles before sending the water back into the hot tub.

6)  Automatic chemical feeder: Before the water re-enters the hottub, the water is filtered and is then treated with chlorine or bromine that ensures that the hot tub wateris safe and bacteria free."

Self Clean - Quick Drain

Find more time to relax in your soothing bubbling hot tub that actually drains itself with the hot tub pump. With the convenience of the quick drain system and the science of the worry-free Hydropool Self-Cleaning technology, you’ll wish everything in life could be this easy. Unlike other hot tubs that gravity drain… A Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tub uses the hot tub pump to quickly drain the hot tub water. This saves time and allows you to pump the hot tub water to the location of your choice. Gravity drain systems are much slower and generally restrict drainage to gardens or other less desirable locations. This innovative feature saves the time and hassle often associated with regular hot tub maintenance and even eliminates the need for a submersible pump and wet/dry vacuum to perform periodic hot tub drain and refills.

Optional Upgrade

i Command System

Control your hot tub from the convenience of your own home with an I pad or I Phone. The  I Command allows you to adjust water temperature, turn on/off the jets, lights from in side your home. It also schedules maintenance cycles for you.

HydroTher Programs and Wellness Guide

Hydropool’s medium, full-sized and over-sized non-bearing stainless steel Versa massage Fluidity Jets are fully adjustable and interchangeable. Every body is different, each with it’s own unique needs and hydrotherapy requirements. Sometimes a gentle, wide-body massage is desired for general relaxation and stress relief, other times a penetrating high velocity flow is needed to invigorate and relieve tired or aching muscles. Hydropool’s unique “Versa Massage” combines the benefits of all the best jet sizes, types and designs available, ensuring you receive the customized massage just right for you. With the simple touch of a button, the swing of the Hydropool diverter valve, or turn of the adjustable jets, your Hydropool can be converted from a gentle soothing all-body massage to an invigorating, penetrating massage specifically targeted to the muscles of your choice. Full force, gentle massage, or somewhere in between… the Hydropool “Versa Massage” gives you the choice to select your desired level of intensity.

Garden FX - Deluxe LED Lighting

The deluxe LED lighting upgrade adds 3 additional 20 LED lights (making a total of four) to the hot tub interior and helps you relax while enhancing your hot tub experience. The addition of the garden FX lighting creates a safe entry and exit point to the hot tub that automatically turns on and off by means of a photo cell.

Hydropool Surround Sound System Deck Ipod

Hydropool’s Surround Sound includes a waterproof AM/FM/CD Player with an MP3 input and proprietary circuits that automatically prevent distortion at high volumes. With 180 watts total power, a custom EQ optimizes sound and automatically adjusts the various frequencies. The system comes complete with a floating waterproof remote control and an engineered subwoofer that rounds out the sound by delivering deep distortion free bass. The remote also controls hot tub functions including up to three pumps, bubbler and lighting options for the ultimate in convenience.

Northern Light

The Northern lighting upgrade adds up to 25 strategically placed (dependant upon hot tub size) LED point lights around the top perimeter of the hot tub shell. These brilliant color sequencing lights are complemented by LED lights that illuminate the water fall jet(s) discreetly from behind.

2 Premium Waterfall Jet Pillows

Hydropool Hot Tubs uniquely designed adjustable “Water Fall Jet” releases the body’s natural endorphins that act as natural pain killers and help to relieve stress, headaches and pain. Simply turn the dedicated control valve that is located within arms reach of the seat and adjust the flow as desired.

Air Therapy System

Hydropool’s Air Therapy system injects millions of tiny air bubbles into the hot tub gently massaging every part of your body. Where many other manufacturers no longer offer this option, Hydropool continues to offer this option on all models. When the air therapy option is ordered, an upgraded top side control is supplied in order to accommodate the option.

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